Our story

Second Look is the leading supplier of ex-rental furniture and electronic appliances with a solid track record of success in Singapore’s retail industry. Our complete inventory consists of imported and branded sets of furniture sourced from large corporations and expatriates.

Our team consists of home, furniture, and woodwork experts who follow a rigorous quality inspection and assurance procedure. Besides keeping a diverse range of furniture, we sell a large selection of appliances and accessories, all chosen with your unique needs in mind.

One of our key principles is to provide safe and fully functioning appliances and accessories, so you can have peace of mind while using them to enhance your daily life. We choose quality and usability over quantity – the truth we uphold as long as we’re in business.

Why us

We provide high-quality and functional pieces at a fraction of the original prices. As we serve tenants, landlords, residents, and business owners, you can rest assured that we can provide something that suits your preferences but lets you stay on budget.

Each item that we offer here is handpicked and cleaned to a fresh, showroom condition. We inspect and sanitise all of our products to make them free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) after collecting them and before each sale.

See for Yourself

As we have some of the rarest and most valuable collections, you might just be lucky to stumble upon them and choose pieces to turn a shabby interior into an artistic one.

So, take a “2nd look” today. We are another alternative to your home.